The good old setting powder is an essential part of any woman’s beauty arsenal. But it rarely gets any good press. That is because unlike any incredible shade of lipstick or an eye-catching blush, it isn’t the standout feature of any look. This makes it an easy step to skip when you are short of time. But the right setting powder is an effective way to lock in your look and extend its life for those special events. The options below definitely deserve a permanent place in your vanity kit.

Hide fine lines and pores while also dabbing away excess oil with this setting powder.

Its ability to set makeup and prevent oiliness is unparalleled, making the setting powder a must-have, especially for special days when you want to stand out in a crowd. The Aesthetica Translucent Loose Setting Powder is a handy companion to have at times when you might need constant touchups or have to absorb excess oiliness. It comes in a travel-friendly design and with a luxurious velour puff to ensure that you look fabulous while on the go. It can help set makeup perfectly and have it stay on for hours.

Use it to set you highlighter or concealer with ease and look gorgeous in every photo.

One of the reasons why women hesitate to use setting powders is because they tend to make the face look dry and cakey in photos. But what if there was a product out there that ensured you looked Insta-worthy all the time? With this setting powder, you no longer have to worry about looking ashy or getting a white cast in flash photos. It can be used all over your face to help you wow everyone in picture-perfect frames.

Get a flawless finish with every look with this go-to setting powder.

Apart from being the base to set any makeup look, setting powders can also go a long way in controlling shine and hiding blemishes or acne. They are also a lot easier to handle and use than creamy formulas that are available in the market. So if you are looking to experiment with the “baking makeup” trend, then this is the powder for you. It can fix your foundation easily and does not make the face look cakey upon application.

The translucent powder can keep your makeup shine-free as you go about your busy day.

For a novice, the setting powder can be a handy tool when you are in the mood to try contouring. It can help you layer, puff and blend with less effort. So bring home the Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder that has a lightweight texture. The invisible setting powder ensures an even application, no matter what makeup look you try. It blends in easily and is also effective in reducing the visibility of pores, making the skin look silky and smooth.

Your skin will look flawless once you have used this setting powder and blended it like a pro.

A setting powder is a beauty essential in humid and wet months. It can reduce the shine of your makeup, and absorb excess sweat and oil that can take a toll on your skin. The Dermablend Loose Setting Powder has weightless micronised powder that can lock in any foundation or concealer with little to no effort. It leaves no smudges and also enhances the wearability of makeup look for up to 16 hours, giving you a flaunt-worthy finish.

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