Many factors affect the lips overall look and feel. It could be the weather or the make-up that you’re putting on them, like matte lipsticks. Therefore, it’s important to treat and pamper them once in a while. Lip masks are packed with ingredients that take care of the lips and help in restoring vitality, moisture, and suppleness to the lips. From sweet-smelling lip masks to collagen-infused patches, these lip masks will change the way you take care of your lips.

Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask is a lip scrub and lip balm that nourishes your lips, making them smooth and supple.

It’s a leave-on mask that soothes and hydrates the lips overnight. This lip mask has berry extracts that are super-rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. These help in getting rid of rough and dry lips by exfoliating them. The lip scrub also has a hyaluronic acid mineral that helps in hydrating the lips for a long time by locking in the moisture. The K-beauty lip treatment comes in a compact pink jar that makes it easy to use and carry along. The formula doesn’t feel sticky at all and settles comfortably over the lips in a short time. Just a generous swipe of this mask on your lips and you’ll wake up to soft, supple and smooth lips in the morning.

This intensive lip treatment will make your lips soft and smooth overnight and restore their suppleness with its nourishing ingredients.

Kiehl’s Buttermask Intense Repair Treatment is the best thing you can invest in for your lips. The thick formula comes in a frosted jar and a little goes a long way. Its emollient formula is infused with coconut oil and mango butter that help in nourishing dry and rough lips. The coconut oil is organic, fair trade and is intensely rich in fatty acids that soften and hydrate the lips. The mango butter keeps the lips smooth and supple. Slather on some of this lip mask before you go to sleep and wake up with soft lips. You can also use it as a primer for your lipstick.

These lip mask pads are rich in collagen that helps in reducing the effects of ageing on your lips and make them appear fuller.

A quick solution for soft and smooth lips, these lip mask pads from Fashlady will help you reverse the effect of ageing on the lips. The lip masks are rich in collagen and that helps in removing any effects of ageing. It also works as an enhancer and makes the lips look fuller. The gel lip mask will also help in keeping the lips moisturised for a long time. So the next time you’re getting ready before going out, just try these lip masks and see the difference yourself.

If you’re in a hurry, just try these lip mask and get softer, smoother and fuller lips easily.

These lip masks are essentially lip plumpers infused with crystal collagen. It helps restore softness and smoothness back to your lips and get them ready within a few minutes. You can use these masks while putting on your make-up so that they’re ready by the time you’re about to put the lip colour on. The lipstick will go on smoothly over the treated lips and make them appear more enhanced and beautiful. The set comes with 10 lip masks so you’re all set for a while.

The PILATEN BRAND skin care Crystal Collagen lip Mask is an intense moisturising and anti-ageing treatment for your lips.

If you want moisturised and nourished lips then this should be your go-to lip mask. Infused with collagen, amino acids, glycerin, natural fruit acids, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, this mask works by moisturising and volumising the lips to make them look smoother and fuller while also making them wrinkle-free! Try this one and see the effects for yourself.

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