No, this isn’t a DIY nail polishing tutorial. I am talking about something much easier, less time consuming and a reasonable solution – fake nail kits. Fake acrylic nails are available in various shapes and sizes to compliment all your daily outfits. In the below read, I have listed some of the best available fake nail kits out there. Check these out

FOK fake nails set to offer an all-natural look as they fit perfectly onto your nails without causing any discomfort.

A French manicure at home? Sounds perfect to me. With this FOK set of professional or personal long French acrylic nails, you can get your own French manicure at home in just a few minutes. This Kit offers 200 pc fake nails in 10 different sizes with 20 nails of each size. The high-quality material makes it reusable so you can wear it on any occasion. Believe me, with this feel-light nail kit, you can go months without a salon appointment.

Decorate your nails as you like instantly with Bombastic Nail Art Professional Acrylic Nails. A perfect fit for your nails, get an instant natural nail look with this kit.

If you like square-shaped nails, look no further than Bombastic Professional Acrylic Nails. These come in 10 different sizes for you to style as per your preference and need of the occasion. The high-quality nails in this kit make it an expert recommended acrylic nail kit. Other than for your own personal use, these nails can also be used by professionals to experiment with creative nail art.

Get a gorgeous manicure at home with Beaute Secrets French full cover false nails. Easy to apply and safe to remove, these are the best quality artificial nails to rely on for any event and party.

You won’t find better artificial nails than these to show off your creative nail art patterns. These nail tips are made of high-quality material, making them extremely suitable for polish, fibreglass, acrylic, and even UV gel. Beaute Secrets fake nails kit is recommended for both professional manicures and personal use at home. Instantly glam up any look with this nail kit and you need not worry about the application or removal process as these nails are a breeze to apply and remove.

Start your nail art practice at home with Fashionwu Artificial Nail Tips. Available in 10 different sizes, you can try as many creative nail art designs as you like.

Whether you are getting a manicure treatment at the salon or a DIY at home, one of the main concerns is the health of your nails. The Fashionwu Artificial Nail Tips are made in ABS, a breathable and light polymer. Whether you are a nail pro or a beginner, these nails come in a box of 500 pieces (50 per size) making them a great way to get started or to experiment, and create a look for each mood of the week.

Get beautiful looking party-ready nails at home with Savni white acrylic artificial nails.

Savni White Acrylic Nails are a combo that comes along with a Savni nail glue for added convenience. This set is perfect if you want to have stunning nails for any glam occasions. With its travel-friendly packaging and an easy application process, you can get your desired nail look on the go! With a stunning combo of 100 nail pieces, you won’t run out of stunning nails for a long time.

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