Come rain or shine, a good ol’ sunscreen remains an essential part of any skincare regime. Don’t forget to slather some on before you step out every single day because exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays could lead to a host of skin issues such as inflammation, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. The right sunscreen could help control these problems. So if you are at a crossroad and don’t know which one to opt for, here are a few top-performing picks.

An oil-free and water-resistant formula makes this sunscreen a great primer for your makeup.

UV rays can damage the skin by causing sunburns and can even lead to early ageing. So what if there was one product out there that could address all these concerns effectively? Enter the RE’ EQUIL Ultra Matte Dry Touch Sunscreen Gel. It offers the highest-level protection from UVB rays, UVA rays, and IR (Infra-Red) radiation. The oil-free formula blends easily into the skin and stays on for a long period of time. It is water and sweat-resistant, making it a handy accessory during the humid months.

For best results, slather it on cleansed skin 20 minutes before sun exposure.

There’s really no excuse to not give your skin the protection it needs from the adverse effects of the sun’s rays. Apply this sunscreen for UVA and UVB protection that is long-lasting. Regular use of the product, which contains cucumber, lemongrass and vitamin B3, can help reduce tan lines and brighten the skin tone. It also moisturises the skin to give it a natural glow. Say goodbye to sunburns, dark spots and premature ageing with this light sunscreen that provides all-year protection.

Apart from UVA, UVB and IR protection, this product can defend your face from urban pollution.

Lots of women out there are hesitant to try sunscreens since they are often sticky and can clog pores, leading to skin that feels suffocated, shiny and more prone to breakouts. This ultra-light sunscreen, however, is non-oily and non-greasy, making it a handy buy for anyone with oily skin. It spreads evenly across the skin and lasts for a long time, providing you with UVA and UVB protection. The gel-based formula is water-resistant and enriched with natural ingredients that shield the skin from the harmful effects of sun rays.

Those who have skin that is prone to flare-ups will love this product for its effective sebum control.

The good thing about the sunscreens of today is that they can address the effects of sun damage while giving your skin a whole bunch of benefits

Generously Apply this matte gel over any exposed areas before stepping out into the sun.

It is said that skin damage begins within 7 minutes of exposure to the sun’s UV rays and radiation. Prevent any damage caused by the sun with the help of this sunscreen. Its gel-like formula is easily absorbed by the skin and stays on for a few hours after application, even on humid days. The presence of lotus gel can help control oil secretion while ingredients such as comfrey, horse chestnut and vanilla are effective at keeping a tan away. Your skin feels replenished and soothed with regular usage.

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