Hot one day, windy the other – humid one hour, dry the next! Want to know the remedy to keep you calm and cool (yet cosy) in these unpredictable times? A perfectly fitted t-shirt of course! Never underestimate the power of a good t-shirt. It can give you all the comforts your body needs in terms of climate control and even movements. Moreover, a t-shirt when paired correctly can work wonders for your look, whether for a video meeting or a virtual wine night with friends. So go ahead and take your pick from our list of top 5 versatile t-shirts to get you through every day of the week.

Pair this with white shorts for a day with friends or with a leather jacket for a grunge night out.

FreshtTrend round neck t-shirt in the dual tones of bright pink and orange is the perfect pick for any occasion. Wear this with mom jeans to grab a coffee-to-go or with a skirt and hat for cocktails. Guaranteed to give you relaxed and cool vibes, this 100% cotton t-shirt is a must-have.

This plain t-shirt is the one clothing that you can rely on for any event or occasion.

Symbol’s Navy blue open round neck short t-shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing you must have in your closet. Wear it under a linen jacket for a meeting or throw it on just as for a quick grocery run. This t-shirt, with its slim fit, is perfect for gloomy and happy days equally. It is after all 95% cotton and 5% lycra.

This high neck top with its subtle sporty print can add luxury and poise with a side of instant charm.

Dream Beauty Fashion’s high neck sleeveless maroon crop top pairs well for a sporty yet corporate look. Pair this one with a casual linen blazer and matching culottes for a trendy corporate affair or even a brunch date with your business partner. With its slim fit and sporty print, this is also a great choice for game nights.

This gorgeous t-shirt is great to pair with any club wear whether it is a blingy pair of pants or an oversized jacket.

Fabricorn’s yellow top with its intricate pattern is one of the best tops to pair with every over-the-top clothing you wish to wear and yet make it look completely normal. Whether it is blingy pants or a spikey jacket, this top will even over the bling without reducing the glamour. Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic market look from Sex & the City 2? The simple t-shirt with the purple ball skirt. There’s your inspiration for this top. Time to go to the market!

This relaxed fit cat silhouette print t-shirt is perfect if you are lounging at home or even stepping out on a hot summer day.

Gritstones’ printed top is a perfect example of a comfortable anywhere anytime kind of t-shirt. It works great with leggings and mom fit jeans. This cotton t-shirt is breathable, relaxed and has the cutest cartoon cat print on it. The print is subtle enough to not overpower but is just enough to make you look cool. This one works great with skirts and palazzos too.

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