Always thought you didn’t require a base coat? Think again. A base coat is an essential step in your manicure, it helps prolong it and also prevents those bright reds or black nail paints from permanently staining your nails. It also helps fill in all those ridges that will then help make application easier. Looking for some new ones? Check our picks.

Say goodbye to yellow nails with this base coat that also acts as a nail hardener.

If you’re not so great with nail polish application, this base coat will help sort you. It has a wide, flat brush that helps make application easy peasy and makes application super smooth, even with thicker nail polish applications. Just applying one coat of this will extend the life of your mani by a whopping nine days!

Short stubby nails can get transformed thanks to the plumping effect this base coat has.

Get the gel effect minus the UV lamps and salon visits. This 2 in 1 base and top coat from Chambor preps and protects your nails and makes them look super shiny and polished – not a chip in sight!

Get a salon finish with this chip-resistant base and top coat.

Bring out the big guns! The Sally Hansen base and top coat is a star performer – strengthening your nails, keeping them looking healthy and shiny while keeping your manicure looking as fresh as possible.

Infused with argan oil, this base coat hardens your nails and protects it at the same time.

With a glossy finish, a bottle that will last you for a lifetime De Belle’s top and base coat option gives you bang for buck. With the argan oil extracts, it protects your nails from chipping, splitting and breaking.

Protect your nails with this base coat that prevents staining

If you frequently wear bright or dark nail polish, your nails are prone to staining. However, the OPI one helps ward off staining while also helping strengthen the nail and improving the overall health of your nail bed.

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