The small bit of leather as part of an overall look can add a dash of style and substance. Have a look at our recommendations and let us know your thoughts!

A watch with a classy design, an analog timepiece with a sophisticated leather strap, it is a great addition to your closet.

Buckles are almost a thing of the past with all the digital watches out there. The beautiful leather strap on this watch comes with a lovely buckle clasp which just adds to your fashion statement.

With the plethora of digital watches these days, an analog piece like this is rare and adds a classic touch.

A small and dainty watch, it has a gorgeous green dial. The strap is made of fine leather which gives it a bit of an old fashioned but refined element. If you are looking for something timeless, elegant and stylish then this watch is the one for you.

A beautiful brown dial, the watch face is rectangular for a design that is slim and sleek yet sturdy.

This is a good pick to have because you can pair it with work outfits as well as use it as an accessory to wear on your next date night. The leather strap with its fine stitching offers an extra texture to your entire outfit and gives a stylish lift.

This is just a very, very cool watch. The analogue dial is prominent and round, making it a stand out accessory.

Crystal glass and golden hands juxtaposed with a black leather strap with buckle closure, this truly is a beautiful watch. It is also water-resistant, making it great for your workouts and swims!

Just one shade of grey, not fifty, but the effect is fashionable fun for all events.

The dial is a contrast smoke and rose and has three hands for the accuracy of timekeeping. The addition of the leather strap just makes it that much more awesomely elegant. The perfect choice because you can pair it with work outfits or casual ones.

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