Makeup brushes will help you apply your foundation flawlessly, make that smokey eye look perfectly blended and those cheekbones look chiselled. There is one brush for every need and every look you are going for. A brush set will help you tackle all your makeup applications with precision and ease. Finding a brush set that works for your skin and in accordance with your make up products can be a challenging task. Looking for brush sets? You’ve come to the right place.

Brighten up your vanity table with this holographic brush set that comes with two-toned purple bristles.

We love this holographic blue and purple brush set that has a unique diamond detail which allows for better grip. The bristles of these brushes are densely packed which gives you superior application and truly does justice to your make up products. It also includes a diamond-shaped blender that works with all kinds of makeup textures and also smoothly blends in your makeup, without leaving any room for blotches and patches.

Lightweight, convenient to carry and gets the job done? Need to be convinced any further?

This travel-size brush kit is easy to tuck into your purse and can be whipped out anywhere, in planes, in cabs and in offices. The silver storage box can be easily spotted amongst all that paraphernalia in the bag. While it might be travel-sized, it doesn’t skimp on performance. With extremely soft bristles, these brushes feel velvety smooth on your skin and can create magic on your face every time you use them to apply your makeup.

With a touch of elegance, this golden and beige makeup brush set is glam and your perfect travel partner.

Practically living out of a suitcase? This 12 brush set from Ronzille is lightweight and comes in its own storage box that makes it easy to find when you’re rummaging through your bag. If you love applying eyeshadow, you will love the eye makeup brushes as it contains blending and shading brushes that will make you want to try everything from sunset eyes to a smokey eye.

Luxurious yet practical, this is the perfect kit for anyone who uses makeup on a daily basis.

If you love applying makeup on a daily basis, this brush kit caters to all your needs. It has the basics, such as the foundation, brush and eyeshadow brushes etc. But it also adds in a beauty sponge and a brush cleaner which makes cleaning them easy. The bristles are super soft, which makes applying those liquid foundations feel like silk on your face. Perfect for your everyday makeup look, this kit has everything you are looking for and more.

This 11 piece makeup set has everything to put your best face forward.

This 11 piece brush set contains high-density bristles that will give a superior finish to your makeup and feel silky soft on your skin. The bamboo handles are not only eco friendly but also help you get a better grip and are scratch-resistant. There’s even a buffing brush which is perfect if you apply bronzer or highlighter on your body, giving it a natural finish.

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