Wanting a wide range of eye shadow palettes is not a crime, but it can create immense confusion. From bright colours to nudes, to shimmery palettes – the options are limitless. It’s difficult to choose just one palette that complements all your different looks on a daily basis. Yes, there are some palettes that have a range of colours and textures and can work from day events to night outs. Below we have listed some of our top eye shadow palettes to suit all your make-up looks.

For someone new to eye makeup, this palette helps you experiment with a wide range of possibilities.

Beauty Glazed’s 35 Colour Palette is a beautiful mix of neutral and vibrant colours. This colour diversity makes it perfect for experimentation and there is something that goes with your every mood! A mix of metallic and matte shades, this palette can complement your day and night looks both. The pigments might not be super intense but the creamy formula is easy to blend. If you are someone who needs a palette for daily wear makeup, this is your best investment.

This gorgeous palette is every beauty lover’s colour dreams come true. With a range of shades and colours, this palette is a mood.

Swiss Beauty’s 40 Colour Eye Shadow Palette is a mesmerizing mix of vibrant to deeps shades that can all be used as highlights too. It is a one-stop-shop for all of your make-up looks. A mix of matte, semi-matte, metallic and shimmery colours, this palette is a beginner’s dream come true. The formula makes it easy to blend different shades together and allows easy experimentation. The smooth highlight pigmented colours are long-lasting too!

If there is just one eye shadow palette you can pick and that can be managed for any occasion, this is it.

Makeup Revolution’s Eye Shadow Palette has 32 colours from neutral to warm to smoky. A mix of matte and shimmery shades, this palette is perfect for daily wear. A mix and match of these pigmented mattes can take you from corporate events to night outs. Moreover, their shimmery range of colours can add a touch of glamour and sophistication for those clubbing nights.

These 78 colour palette, when used tactfully, can take you from all your day to night looks easily.

SHANY’s 78 shades eye shadow palette is a one-stop-shop for almost everything every colour on the spectrum. This versatile mix is made up of hues ranging from poppy to warm to nude to dark and dusky. The palette also includes shades that can be used for eyebrows, eyeliners, cheeks and even highlights for your cheek and collar bones. The well-pigmented colours are easily blendable, making them super versatile.

This palette with its shimmery textures and beautiful colours is perfect for all your nightlife needs

Glam’s 21 51 Colour Eye Shadow Palette is the perfect party wear palette. It is a range of bold and dark shimmery colours that would work perfectly for night outs, festivals and even the carnival. This versatile shade palette lets you play around with colours in a bold way by including some amazing shades like aubergine and gold. The packaging is travel friendly and includes a full mirror. It also comes with 2 brushes for all your application needs.

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