Within an hour, your nails will get a major transformation, with a shiny lacquer that will last for a good three to four weeks, and you don’t have to worry about chipping. Everyone wants to rock that salon-nail look but what exactly makes it so great? To make any gel manicure look good, it is essential to prep your nails before and after you apply the gel polish. To prep the nails, you need a great base coat and to seal the nails and make them vibrant, you need a top coat. We rounded up 5 of our favourite top and base coats just for you!

This polish gives your nails a glossy shine while keeping them healthy, all at the same time!

This top and base gel nail paint are just what you need if you have brittle nails or just absolutely love a good coat of gloss to finish off your nail look. The base and top coat not only protect your nails but also ensure that the colour stays put for a whole fortnight. The best part is that you can apply this on your natural nails and if you are in the mood for falsies then these work great on fake nails as well.

Enriched with minerals, this base and top coat will work wonders to protect your nails.

The Modelones top and base coat offers superior quality compared to the rest. Firstly, the brush enables for easy application while the natural minerals present in the formula condition your nails. Apply a thin layer of the base coat to make your nail-look last longer and finish off with the sleek top coat to attain a perfect, glossy finish. If you’re looking for a mirror-like shine that lasts for 21 days, this is it.

Acetone free and with a hassle-free removal process, you will want to stock up on this beauty from OneDor.

The formula is formaldehyde-free, which means if you have a sensitive nose and nail polish odours get you down, this should be your go-to option. The formula is also acetone free which makes sure that no damage is done to your nails. Moreover, if you hate nail colours that have a troublesome removal process then this one is your best bet. This set is great if you want to be safe with your nails.

This set gives you super shiny nails and works both in the comfort of your home or at the salon.

Looking for something that is easy to apply, can be easily removed and can be used both at home or at the salon? Look no further than the Beetles No Wipe Top And Base Coat. The top and base coats help protect the nails and provide long-lasting chip resistance. So now, you can easily get a manicure that lasts you for days if you have no time to constantly groom your nails at home or attend salon appointments.

Shiny and easy to apply, this top and gel coat will definitely not disappoint!

The base coat is called foundation and that’s exactly what it is, it helps strengthen the nail, and forms the perfect base to apply your favourite gel nail polish on. The top coat will help you seal that bright hue and give your nails the glossy, sleek finish that you are looking for. Now your manicure can comfortably last up to 21 days without any chipping. This top and base coat set is the answer to all your gel polish problems!

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