With a gradual decline in the production of collagen, the skin can lose its elasticity causing fine lines and wrinkles. Allow the humble anti-ageing face mask into your skincare routine for feeding the skin with the essential natural nutrients it requires. Wrinkle-free skin is now within your reach with these top-rated face masks.

The Organix Mantra Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask contains bamboo extracts for purifying the skin for a visibly youthful appearance.

Essential oils serve as the champion of this revitalising mask from Organix Mantra. The perfect blend of lemon, tea tree and peppermint oil works on keeping the skin young by extracting dirt and grime from pores. It also helps in removing blackheads for an overall smoother visage.

Restore your skin’s natural youthfulness with WOW Skin Science Anti-Aging Fuji Matcha Green Tea Clay Face Mask

Ward off any signs of ageing with this matcha green tea-infused face mask from WOW Skin Science. Formulated to remove dirt and exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, the matcha green tea smoothes the skin with antioxidants and nutrients to improve and soften the skin’s texture.

Treat your skin to a natural boost of youthfulness with the Kinskin Naturals Ginger Leaf and Hibiscus Face Mask

Known as the botox plant, the youth-boosting powers of hibiscus are the primary ingredient in this face mask from Kinskin Naturals. In addition to increasing the elasticity of the skin – the presence of ginger, lavender oil, aloe vera and vanilla fruit extract pamper the skin with antioxidants to keep the skin texture youthful and fresh. Get that radiant glow now!

For skin that’s velvety smooth to the touch, the Oriental Botanics Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Cucumber Face Mask offers a blend of bio-active constituents.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a natural anti-ageing mask, the hunt ends now with this paraben and silicon-free face mask from Oriental Botanics. The natural oils present in the formula smoothen the skin and maintain its natural elasticity, while the cucumber delivers intense hydration. Overall the amalgamation of these ingredients in the formula leaves the skin softer than ever before.

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