No one likes damaged hair. It is frizzy, dry and breaks easily when touched. It also causes split ends and looks so dull that you won’t want to step out of the house. But the good news is that damaged hair can be repaired and you could go back to flaunting a soft, silky and shiny mane. All you need is some patience, TLC and the right hair products. Here are your go-to options to treat and repair damaged tresses.

This shampoo suits Indian hair and can be used on colour-treated tresses and the hair mask provides intense hydration to dry and damaged tresses.

There are several reasons why your hair is damaged. The most common include excessive hair styling, chemical treatments, hair colouring and heat styling. The Godrej Professional Honey Moisture Shampoo is effective in addressing some of these issues. It is enriched with honey to retain moisture while the nourishing oils treat the hair with vitamins and antioxidants. This helps hydrate a dry and damaged mane, as it does not allow the moisture to escape all that easily. The hair mask comes enriched with honey and nourishing oils to retain moisture and treat damaged hair. 

This hair oil suits all hair types and provides nourishment with just a few drops.

While trimming your hair regularly to keep split ends away can help, another effective way to repair damaged tresses is by oiling them at least once a week. This can nourish them and help you battle frizz. The Plum Olive and Macadamia Nutri-Shield Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil is packed with eight plant-based oils to shield your hair from damage. They also nourish the mane and leave the tresses non-greasy after application. Keep it on for at least an hour before shampooing for best results.

Restore your mane’s shine and get an enviable bounce with this hair conditioner.

If you struggle with damaged hair, always make it a point to go in for shampoos and conditioners that address this specific issue. Products with argan oil, shea butter or coconut water are especially effective in treating dry hair. This product, for example, brings together powerful medicinal herbs to tackle dryness and frizz. Shea butter restores the scalp’s PH balance while peppermint soothes it to provide relief from itching and infections. Amla boosts hair and scalp health, and arnica promotes hair growth.

Rejuvenate dull, damaged hair by bringing home this hair serum.

At times, a simple oil-shampoo-conditioner haircare routine isn’t enough to treat and repair damaged hair. Enter the hair serum. The QRAA Keratin Infused Hair Serum for Dry and Damaged Hair gives your hair all the nourishment it needs. It is lightweight and non-greasy and gives an instant shine when used. It is effective at controlling frizz and repairing damaged hair so your tresses will no longer look dull and lifeless.

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