Flaunting shiny, silky tresses is every girl’s dream. And having a good hair day is a great way to step out into the world while oozing confidence. But frizzy hair can get in the way of all that flawlessness. It is a fairly common problem that many face and can contribute to other issues such as split ends, hair fall, dull hair and more. Happily, there are a number of products that can help you fight frizz. Here are five that should make the cut easily.

Get perfect hair that is manageable, shiny and elastic with this shampoo.

There are many reasons why you could be struggling with frizzy hair. The most common among them are dryness, damage or lack of hydration. The Anveya Hydrate & Nourish Shampoo can address some of these issues. The moisturising shampoo is great at transforming coarse, brittle and dry hair into a soft, shiny mane that has volume. It even protects the scalp and hair follicles from damage that is brought on by constant exposure to dust and pollution.

Apply this hair serum before using heat styling tools for best results.

A hair serum can also help with mane nourishment. Pick one with vitamin E content and it can work its magic on your tresses. It can also help you in detangling your hair and preventing further breakage. The Coccoon Protective Hair Serum with Argan Oil and Vitamin E is just what your mane needs to fight frizz. A beautiful blend of argan oil and vitamin E work well together to hydrate the tresses and repair any damage to follicles.

Use this shampoo to make hair manageable and frizz-free for hours.

If you have frizzy hair, always use a shampoo specially made for your hair type. It is absolutely essential to give your hair the nourishment it needs and leaves your tresses looking soft and smooth. For best results, wash your hair at least twice a week. The shampoo is infused with avocado fruit and wheat protein to lock in moisture and retain it so your tresses have long-lasting hydration. It also gives your mane intense nourishment.

This shampoo and hair mask combo suits Indian hair and can be used on colour-treated tresses too.

Dull, frizzy hair can be a major turn-off. But that does not mean that you have to suffer it forever. Invest in a good shampoo and hair mask and you could turn things around with a little effort. This combo brings the goodness of quinoa to help you combat frizzy hair. A beautiful balance of moisture and protein will help keep your mane lustrous and smooth. It also does a wonderful job of repairing damaged hair shafts.

Leave this hair oil on for at least an hour before you shower for visible results.

If you are looking to nourish and strengthen your tresses, just oil your hair once a week. Keeping it on overnight and washing it off in the morning can help you fight frizz effectively. The StBotanica 10 In 1 Bioactive Hair Oil brings together 10 natural and pure oils to keep your mane healthy at all times. They can help you combat dryness and dandruff, treat hair loss and damaged hair, strengthen hair follicles, improve circulation to your scalp, moisturise your tresses and promote hair growth.

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