Not all hairbrushes are created equal. Depending on your hair type and styling needs, you need the right brush. With the right technique and brush, you can get a voluminous blowout, poker-straight hair or lovely curls that could rival the hairstyles of Bollywood actors.

The ceramic barrel of this hairbrush will ensure less damage to your hair.

If you have medium length hair and love a good blowout or want to add more volume to fine hair, you need to get your hands on this one by Kent. It features an ergonomic handle and nylon bristles which make it a delight to use. The ceramic barrel enables less damage to your hair.

You get natural bristles and salon results with this hairbrush.

This circular brush is great for both wavy or straight hair. The natural boar bristles can lessen your blow-dry time to half and reduce static and frizz. You don’t have to worry about hair breakage as it gently coaxes out knots while the ball tips prevent hair from snagging.

Ergonomically designed hairbrush that adds volume to the hair while blow drying them.

This brush is great for wet and dry hair, adding much-needed volume to all sorts of hair types. It has stiff, natural boar bristles along with nylon bristles that will ensure that your hair is shiny and keep your style in place. It reduces frizz and reduces oily buildup. That’s not all, it helps style your hair easily thanks to the ergonomically designed handle.

A smoothing paddle brush that gives you poker straight locks

A paddle brush is great if you want straight and smoother locks, and we’re loving this one. For starters, this features an amazing rose gold hue, that will make you want to comb your hair while the bristle helps massage the scalp. The salon-grade brush will ensure your hair stays in place.

A paddle brush that can detangle and style your hair in a way that no other product can.

This paddle brush has vents that allow circulation of hot hair, ensuring that when you use a blow dryer, the process is faster and easier. The ball tip bristles help stimulate the scalp and add vitality to your mane. You won’t be disappointed with this nifty brush.

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