From the ancient Sumerians, who crushed gemstones, and the Egyptians, who crushed bugs to create tints for their lips and face, the practice of colouring to enhance one’s appearance and hide flaws is age-old. Today, we have an ocean of cosmetics to choose from and create any look we desire. 

One of the most important but sometimes tricky steps in a makeup routine is the application of the lipstick. For women who don’t have time to touch-up their lipstick frequently and are looking for something that stays for long durations, the transfer-resistant or smudge-proof lipstick is the ideal choice. These lipsticks have a formula that keeps lips looking perfect for up to 16 hours. They also contain moisturising ingredients to keep the lips hydrated and looking soft and supple.

The secret to making your lipstick stay put usually involves a combination of prep, application, and your choice of lipstick but the smudge-proof formula makes this process a whole lot easier. But how do you choose the right shade for you? Here are two factors I consider while choosing the perfect smudge-proof lipstick.

Skin tone and undertone

When it comes to selecting the right lip colour, it is important to make sure that the shade complements your natural skin tone. While corals and nudes are great for all skin types, colours that go against your skin tone must be avoided. Look at your undertone too, whether cool, neutral or warm, and pick a shade that matches it.

Natural lip colour

According to Bobbi Brown, the best lip tones will be a shade or two darker than your natural lip colour. To test it out, simply apply lipstick to one lip and if you find the colour is one or two shades darker than your bare lip, you’ve got your perfect shade!

Regardless of the shade you choose, here are a few of my favourite lipsticks that guarantee you a long-lasting smudge-proof application.

Get the perfect pigmentation with a single swipe that stays all day without fading or feathering. Enjoy the rich blend of ingredients in a formula that is not only long-lasting but also comfortable.

A flawless matte finish in a range of super-pigmented shades. With a unique arrow applicator for a more precise application, its intensely pigmented formula ensures your lips don’t dry out.

A non-allergenic formula with vitamin E for nourishment, this Wonderful lipstick is suitable for sensitive skin and is non-fading. Perfect for a ladies night out in town or a romantic dinner.

Sport a youthful look with this shade of lipstick perfect for daily wear. Its formula glides like a smooth coat of paint for a perfect pout and lasts up to 9 hours with a guaranteed colour payoff.

For a touch of sophistication and a dash of elegance, exude confidence in beautiful browns and flaunt your style with this matte lip crayon that has become a flagship product for Faces Canada.

Muskaan Krishnaney

@muskaankrishnaney Video creator, combining the love for film and makeup in the blogosphere.

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