Dark circles can plague even those with the nicest skin. So what can you do? Check out our article which will let you know which products to invest in so that the skin around your eyes looks bright and nourished.

When you want to get from dark circles and under-eye bags to a fresh and wide-eyed look, RE’EQUIL’s under eye cream is just the balm you need.

Stress can cause you to develop bags and puffiness and can even enhance crow’s feet and wrinkles. RE’EQUIL’s gentle under eye cream lifts the area and helps you appear more refreshed and rested.

Cucumbers can help with under eye problems so this cream incorporates cucumber extract to soothe away the dark circles.

An organic blend of ingredients such as cucumber extract, tulsi, retinol, almond oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera gel. The result is a cooling and calming under-eye balm that can reduce puffiness and signs of ageing.

A very light under eye serum, you can get instant relief from a whole host of under-eye problems.

This serum is lightweight and will absorb super easily into your skin. It has a number of amazing ingredients from peach and apricot extract and the ever-important vitamin E for skin concerns. Your worries about eye bags, crow’s feet and the like will disappear.

You can get smoother and softer skin with this organic Ayurvedic formula that will definitely go a long way in reducing wrinkles and dark circles.

This is a massage oil to help stimulate and nourish the face and body. The enriching vitamin E and vitamin A content along with the antioxidants and essential fatty acids are greatly beneficial for the under-eye area and the complexion in general.

Almond oil is very high in vitamin E content which is great for more beautiful skin and especially the under-eye area, which is very delicate.

For softer skin that is more nourished, this almond oil can be massaged into the face to stimulate blood circulation and help heal the skin and under-eye area and reverse wrinkles, dark circles and other signs of ageing.

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