Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, taking good care of it is vital not only for its appearance but also for our health. Our skin is the product of our habits, and of the nourishment it gets. If you always wanted to achieve that smooth silky skin but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few simple tips you can easily incorporate into your skincare routine.

Don’t underestimate the power of exfoliation

Regular exfoliation of the skin helps the natural shedding of dead skin cells, which can clog your pores, while also allowing your moisturiser to penetrate deeply into the skin. It also promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Don’t overdo it though. While for most skin types exfoliating twice a week brings the most benefits, let your skin guide you to avoid hypersensitivity.

Choose a product that is suitable for your skin type. We love using FABEYA Wine Body Scrub that has a soft creamy texture and a unique fragrance (which can also be enjoyed in the batch with a glass of wine).

Moisturise daily

We all know how easy it is to forget to moisturize daily through our busy days, though this is arguably the most important step in the skincare routine. Moisturizing your skin daily will maintain your skin elasticity giving it that young and radiant glow. We recommend using a formula that doesn’t leave a sticky residue, like the NIVEA Soft, Light Moisturising Cream, suitable for all skin types.

If you have very sensitive skin or are prone to acne, pick a moisturizer that is specially formulated for sensitive skin. We love the hypoallergenic, fragrance-free formula of Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion, best suited for dry or sensitive skin.

Protect from UV rays

Ever stopped to enjoy that warm feeling of the sun on your skin? Why let the damaging effects of UV rays deprive yourself of that pleasure! We all know that sunlight contains UVA and UVB rays that have harmful effects on your skin, including sunburn and premature skin aging. So when exposed to the sun, make sure you wear a skincare product that contains sun protection factor (SPF) suitable for your skin type. We love the Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Body Lotion (paired with sub-block if you are looking for extra protection) and its dual functionality of skin moisturizer and sun protection with SPF-25.

Use a different moisturiser for your face and body

Time and again dermatologists have stressed the importance of not using the same moisturizer for your face and body. The lotions that we use on our bodies are often thicker and contain fragrances that can cause irritation on the face. Opt instead for something gentler and lighter specifically designed for the face. We love the Lakmé Soft Creme Moisturizer as it is infused with the goodness of peaches and milk, for soft, glowing skin.

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