We have all been fascinated by a gorgeous smokey eye look we’ve seen on the red carpet. Not only does it add the right amount of glam, but it also gives you an effortless, sultry look. Whether you want to wear it to an event or a girls’ night out, this article will help you create a perfect smokey eye look in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Prime your eyes

The best way to ensure your smokey eye doesn’t crease or worse fade into a mess is to use a primer before you start. We recommend Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer for a flawless finish. You can apply it either with a small brush or using your fingers. Make sure you pat the product evenly on your eyelids and also on the under-eye region.

If you want to add some coverage to your skin, opt for a BB cream instead of the moisturiser. Drawing on the benefits of its multi-tasking formula, you can moisturise, prime and conceal your skin with only one cream, evening out your skin tone and covering any blemishes or imperfections. Choose a BB Cream that is suitable for your skin type. One of our favourites is the Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream, which is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

smokey eye makeup look essentials

Step 2: Conceal

Creating a smokey eye look on top of dark under-eye circles can result in dreaded panda-like eyes! Before you reach for your kajal, apply some concealer like the Insight PRO Concealer to cover your dark circle for an incredible payoff at the end of the look! Apply your concealer using a small brush moving from the inner corner of your under-eye outwards. You can also use it on your eyelids to create a neutral base.

Step 3: Line your upper and lower lid with a dark kajal and smudge

This is the most important step of the look and yet the easiest. Apply black kajal to the upper and lower lashlines. Don’t worry about how perfect the liner is since it’ll be smudged and blended with the rest of the eyeshadow. Make sure the formula you are using isn’t too dry. Try the Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal for a deep black finish and a waterproof formula that won’t budge even after long hours.

Step 4: Dip into your eyeshadow palette

Here comes the fun part! Reach for your favorite palette. We love the Makeup Revolution London BBB Fortune Favours and its thirty matte, glimmer and sheen shades to experiment with for an every which-way smoky eye. With a densely packed brush, apply a black or dark shade over the top of your kajal and blend it out. Next, choose one neutral shade for your crease and a dark brown shade for your lid. Using a fluffy brush blend the neutral shade from the crease to the browbone. Now use the brown shade to create a gradient between the lighter color and the darker shade on your lid. Slowly blend the products from the outer corner inward until they look seamless.

Pro tip: add more depth to your look by applying a light glimmer shade in the inner corner of the eye and a bronze hue in the center of the lid, over the eyeliner.

Step 5: Apply a generous coat of mascara

No smokey eye look is complete without some mascara. We love a volumizing mascara that instantly adds drama to the look like the Maybelline New York Volume Express Colossal Mascara.

woman applying mascara

Final Tip

If you are going for this bold smokey look, consider toning down the rest of your face make up. This will draw more attention to the eyes and make them pop.

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