There’s a reason they are called True Blues. Everyone has a perfect pair, sisterhoods bond over them and everyone keeps buying various versions of them. There is not a single occasion for which denims aren’t considered appropriate. Want to make them formal- add a power shoulder blazer. Want to wear it for brunch, team them with a basic white tee and layered necklaces. Family dinner? Pair with an easy chikan kurta and crafts inspired bag and you’ve earned brownie points. There’s a perfect pair for everyone.

If you think about it, the basic blue is not basic at all. It’s the hardest working fit in your wardrobe.

Singers have made songs about the humble blue jeans. Magazine stylists are obsessed with them and plan up editorials to honor this classic style blue wash each year. Do a denim-on-denim look for max impact or pair with a plain white shirt to let its simplicity speak for itself.

Who said white and jeans don’t go together? This failsafe piece is a crowd-pleaser.

White jeans are that perfect neutral colored piece that lets you experiment with as you please. Add a plaid shirt and it lets you play the part of a sexy lumberjack if you add sky-high pumps. Or go the pretty tough gal way by adding leather jackets and boots. There is more than one way to dress these up.

These back-to-the-future pair of jeans look great on your mom and work on you too.

While going through your parent’s old photo albums always causes a chuckle, there is always that one piece you wish you could pull up. With this cropped number you can play into the throwback trend. Just add mini hoops, slogan t-shirts and dad trainers. Or go the whole 80s route and add statement earrings, bright lips and neon shoes.

Easy does it. This black pair of skin-tight jeans work well for your weekend plans.

Minimalists rejoice! If you love to live in basics and monochrome is your favorite trend, this pair will do wonders for your button-down shirts or ripped T-shirts. Make it saucy by adding kitten heels and a cat-eyeliner. Mesh separates work to make it edgier as well.

Do not mistake this updated style with the 70s bell-bottom jeans.

A bootcut style is every fashion editor’s favorite style for its magical qualities of streamlining everybody’s shape. Just because they were famous in the 70s doesn’t mean you need platform boots. Super pointed leather boots are the way to go.

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