In a time when clothes make the woman, we want to look our best in the board room or on work Zoom calls. This is why we’ve put together a number of our favorite tops that you can wear to work for some office wear awesomeness. Here you go!

A high collared top that makes for a striking corporate look.

A gorgeous georgette tunic, you can tuck it in (try the French Tuck a la Tan France) for a bit more panache. The high collar just gives you a trendy boss babe touch! Look your corporate best with this stylish and elegant top from Stylistico.

Get rad with this tunic that has an awesome ruffled front.

The cuffs on this selection have intricate work that will have you subtly standing out in your workplace. The ruffled front adds a little pirate prettiness to your workday! With this top, you can look your best and be ready to impress.

This is a subtly staid top with some embellishments that set it apart from the usual workwear staples.

A top that is a solid, maroon, slight bits of flair are added here and there to up the style quotient. The slightly flared bell-shaped sleeves that go down to the elbows and the knotted bow with golden charms at the end lend that little bit of panache.

While this pick may, in theory, seem ordinary, the very stylish cut makes it extremely distinctive in style.

It is comfy but classy with short sleeves and an open collar. The single block of color juxtaposes well with the unique cut so that you look board room ready in the blink of an eye. Perfect for those long and hectic workdays where you are looking for shirts that are stylish yet comfortable.

Crepe is a lightweight fabric that lends itself well for your 9 to 5 office days.

This stunning short tunic tapers to the waist in a straight cut. The round neck and light fabric make this a great summer pick. A simple, single-colored top, it can be paired with trousers or a skirt and will even look great under a smart jacket.

Adwitiya Pandey

@aw_dwitiya An enthusiast sharing fashion tricks, easier to style and beautiful to show.

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