Blazers are such a lazy girl hack! Need to look formal? Pair with a pair of pinstriped trousers. Cutesy? Match with a pair of shorts. You can even team them as a contemporary element to style your sarees. For a night out just wear them as a top and add a shiny belt. If you’re building a capsule wardrobe there is no better place to start than an easy blazer.

Expert Tip: If you’re trying to save money on excess baggage make sure you carry a blazer on your holidays. Its versatility will give you more bang for your buck.

Perfect for that casual fridays at work, this blazer is an easy addition to pencil skirts for petite frames.

Cropped jackets are such a fail-safe trend to buy into. Pair with flouncy, circular skirts and leather boots for an equestrian vibe. With a T-shirt and cycling shorts, it’s that nonchalantly perfect model off-duty look too. This one’s a winner.

A beautiful feminine addition to your wardrobe, these flowers do well in sunshine or rains.

Say it with flowers, why don’t you? Think of how good it will look on the ‘gram when you photograph wearing it on holidays in tulip fields or even just your backyard. Whether at home or outdoors, this jacket will inspire you to dress up. Don’t forget to take a picture.

They say dress for the job you want and this one has a promotion written all over it.

Want to show that you have truly earned your stripes at work? Barge into your boss’s office, this jacket will give you the confidence boost you need, then when you get what you want; roll up the sleeves and take it for drinks with your friends. Don’t forget to add a string of pearls because classic combos never go out of style.

Pastels are the easiest way to show off your sweetest side, and this is a pretty perfect jacket for a pretty perfect girl.

There is truly no colour like pink. Its muted pastel tone is so good to play the colour-blocking trend in. Pair with red trousers if you’re looking to start conversations. On cooler evenings, toss the blazer lightly on your shoulders, if you plan to wear it with a maxi-dress.

Navy blue is the new black and its machine wash quality ensures you can wear this weekly.

Stuck in a corporate job with a rebel spirit? Bring a (quiet) revolution to your Monday wardrobe with these gentle rivet details. Don’t forget to add matching trousers lest we offend the HR team!

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