When you pick up a plain T-shirt you aren’t thinking of show-stopping fashion. You’re thinking about comfort, multiple uses and long-lasting life. Here, you can already picture what it will look like with tiny holes by the time it reaches your night wardrobe. We’ve rounded up the best in business for you that will incite long-term commitment from you. These are worth growing old with.

Decision fatigue is real. Buying this set ensures you never have to choose again.

We may make fun of boys for opting to buy multiple colors of their favorite T-shirt but they might be onto something. When something is nice why shouldn’t you buy it twice, except in this case your pack includes 5 basics that you can assign to each day of the week. A cheery yellow is great to begin the week and then the fuchsia when you’re ready for Friday.

This sunshine inspired top is so good for WFH days. Cropped tops aren’t going anywhere, so why resist?

Every season fashion naysayers will predict that cropped tops will be gone. But athleisure and comfort-wear are still growing as one of the largest trends. Cropped pieces are cute if you want to show off your abs you’ve been working on, or if you’re not vain you can still wear them paired above a lace trim camisole.

They say clothes introduce you, even before you’ve had the chance to say a word, and this one says quite a bit.

Some people choose to wear their heart on their sleeves but we think it works on a slogan tee too. This one’s sure to invite a chuckle or a confident dude who’d want to prove you wrong. Either way, speaking your mind is an act of courage and we recommend it.

Double the fun, double the trouble. Your WFH day deserves comfy-chic.

The best part about working from home is the endless supply of your favorite tea, AC temperatures you can control and the comfort of curling up on your big sofa while you type away. These easy T-shirts will pair well with jersey joggers and once you’re done working, you can take this for a jog too.

Get Naut(ical) with this striped T-shirt. Riviera-chic is a fun trend try if you have no holidays coming up but the mind wanders.

Oh, what a sailor’s delight this piece is going to make for a day at the sea! Imagine this bumblebee inspired number with white cigarette pants and a boater hat. Don’t forget to record this classic outfit style on an Instant camera to go the whole hog.

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