Have you noticed how some women always manage to look confident? They are comfortable in their skin, carrying their hair in an effortless style and pulling off a highly pigmented and bold lip color with panache. They know exactly how much makeup to wear to work, dates, parties and so on. This is because they look after themselves, practice makeup techniques that work well with their face and arm themselves with the correct makeup kits and accessories.

The right makeup kit offers a colorful palette and comes in a slick packaging that is easy to carry around. And while we love and admire our makeup collection back at home, it can be tricky to carry it around for work, especially if you’re a budding makeup artist. Here’s a round-up of some of the best makeup kits online in different sizes and for different levels of expertise.

A basic makeup kit for beginners and a great choice for first-time buyers.

If you are new to the makeup game and are looking for a starting point, this makeup kit has got everything you need. With a makeup palette consisting of eye shadows, blushers, powder cakes and lip colors, this makeup kit will last you until you can perfect different makeup techniques. The colors are subtle and suitable for everyday wear. It’s packaged in a stylish and expandable casing along with a mirror. Extremely compact and convenient to carry around, this is just what a basic makeup kit should be.

The most extensive makeup kit with a myriad of colors for any makeup look you can imagine.

The Hilary Rhoda makeup kit is packed with both matte and shimmer eyeshadow shades, 12 exciting lip colors as well a palette for achieving a flawless, contoured look. The colors are highly pigmented and last a long time. The makeup is waterproof too. If you’re thinking of getting into the makeup game seriously, then there are endless possibilities with this makeup kit. Get playful!

A compact yet comprehensive makeup kit that is easy to carry around.

This is a professional-level makeup kit which comes with several shades of eyeshadow and enviable shades of lip gloss. The sleek casing ensures you can slip it into compact travel bags and the makeup palette can help you create both night and daytime looks. It is also an excellent makeup gift set for friends with the same interests. Get your glam on wherever you go with this makeup kit.

A makeup kit with a large mirror that meets all your cosmetic needs in one go.

If you are looking for a makeup kit online, then this one provides a burst of colors for any matte finish look you want to create. Combined with the glam power of 48 eyeshadows as well as many blushers, compact powders and lip colors, your search for the perfect makeup kit ends here.

This makeup kit, with highly pigmented colors, is a great choice for your big day.

If you are in the market for the perfect bridal makeup kit, then this multicolor makeup palette is your answer. Also our favorite on this list for its remarkable eyeshadow palette which makes us want to wear eyeshadow all the time! The variety of shades will help you create looks for all your different outfits, making it the all-in-one makeup kit online. Highly suitable for professionals but a great option for personal use if you’re a makeup fiend.

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