Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, so the makeup arsenal holds the job to make the eyes look killing. Eye shadows are the weapons to achieve that. Your overall makeup look can only be completed with the correct eye shadow choice. Eye shadow adds character to your makeup look and can transform it for the better. It is crucial to have at least one eye shadow palette that you can always rely on, during all times of the day.

To make this choice a little easier, we have the best palettes for you to choose from. Look for a palette that has colors to use on all occasions. Be it a simple eye makeup or a smokey eye makeup, these eye palettes will help you do it all.

Thirty classic shades of matte, glimmer and sheen, this Makeup Revolution London BBB Fortune Favours Eye shadow palette is bound to make your eyes look better than ever.

The Makeup Revolution London BBB Fortune Favours Eye shadow, in The Brave 30 palette, contains thirty gorgeous matte, pearl and shimmer shades that will take you from a simple makeup look to a smokey eye look for the evening. With the best pigmentation, these shades blend easily, making it the ideal palette to have. A great choice for all ages and skin tones, get your hands on this versatile palette and you are bound to look your best.

The Glam 21 51 Colour Eyeshadow Palette holds an array of shimmery and nude shades, which are perfect if you want to try versatile eye makeup and cut creases with stunning combinations.

51 stunning shades in one eye shadow palette seems like a dream which the Glam 21 Palette brings to life. This palette can transform your eye look from pastel glams to smokey eyes, to fluorescent bolds all in one. With its wide range of colors and quick blending formulation, you can easily experiment and try out different eye looks. If you are looking for versatility then this is a highly recommended palette.

The Maybelline New York The Nudes Palette comes with 12 easy to wear shades that can keep you looking glam through the day, with it’s matte and shimmer versions.

The Maybelline New York The Nudes Palette has all the shades that you can ever need for simple eye makeup looks. The 12 shades go from classic nudes to shimmers to add that sparkle to your look. These are highly versatile, easily blendable shades that are long-lasting. This eye palette can conveniently take you from a simple day look to a shimmering evening look, making it the best option if you want an all in one palette.

This eye shadow palette comes with 12 sultry shades that add the perfect edge to your look, making you feel like the boss you are.

The coveted sultry shades add the touch of comfort and the right amount of glamour to your look. This eye palette holds bold, neutral and shimmery shades that can help you create subtly or glam looks based on the occasion. With a buttery and easily blendable formula, this eye shadow palette is perfect for all your looks. Add a swipe of red lip color for a bolder look.

The Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette, Iconic Essential Mattes 2 consists of the ideal array of pearl, shimmer and matte eyes shadow shades in a vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free set.

This Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette, in the Iconic Essential Mattes 2 set has all the favorite shades of a classic nude lover. This eye shadow palette is highly pigmented and creates simple, yet stunning eye looks that instantly add natural character to your makeup look.

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