While makeup novices keep only a couple of nail colors in their vanity bag, styling fiends usually stock up on several of them because they know that matching their nails with every event requires a lot of thought. That’s where nail polish sets in varied colors come in. While choosing nail pain kits, it is not just about the colors but also about the formulation and finish that one needs to think about. We have rounded up some of our favorite nail color sets to help you find the one you love.

This nail polish set is perfect for lovers of the classic reds and pinks with an occasional indulgence in the unusual orange and deep purple.

These nail colors are gel-based nail colors that give a high shine finish to your nails. The nail polish set has intense pigmentation and glides smoothly on your nail, giving it full coverage in one swipe. It creates a clean and clump-free finish. The formulation of the nail polish prevents the color from chipping for almost a week. Moreover, the color range is perfect for any age which makes it a great nail polish gift set.

This set of four nude nail polish shades is great to have handy for meetings and corporate events – the perfect addition of poise.

Volo nail polish set of nude shades is great for every office goer to match with their work outfits. These corporate shades of nude, grey, taupe and tan soften the look of your corporate outfits. This nail polish is made from an organic formula that is nontoxic and thus environment friendly. The color is pigmented and its ultra-flat round brush makes it easy to apply.

A set of 12 ranging from pastels to deep hues, this nail paint set is great for daily use and even for events.

NOY set of 12 nail colors is one of the best nail paint sets to own during the lockdown. The bright modern colors are perfect to not just cheer you up but also spruce up your look. Its quick-dry formula works great for multitasking people. The intensity of colors and its shade range is great but they do start to fade pretty quickly and aren’t chip-resistant.

Lovers of polished velvety matte yet bright colors, this nail color set exists to fulfill all your dreams and desires.

MI Fashion’s nail color set of four nail colors is a velvety matte finish lacquer. The nail polish has good pigmentation but a double coat would work best to bring out the perfect color. It might take a few minutes for the first coat to dry but be patient as the final finish is just too rich to pass over. With a range of exotic shades, this is a must-have for every woman since all these shades work well on any skin tone.

This nail polish set is the perfect balance between being used as a full nail color or a highlight to nail art.

Makeup Mania’s basic nail polish set is a great buy for anyone looking to take their nail art to the next level. This set of basic black, white, silver and gold nail polishes can also be applied as-is on full nails for a polished look. The pigmentation is good and gives a matte finish. With the quantity, quality and number of colors – this nail color set is a cost-effective way to take your nail grooming sessions to the next level.

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