Sometimes, a long wallet does what a purse cannot. It is compact, easy to carry and can double up as a fashion accessory. The perfect women’s wallet is spacious enough to carry cash, cards, a lipstick and even your slim smartphone. At the same time, it is sleek enough to complement and not overpower your outfit, like a large purse sometimes can. The long wallet is perfect to carry on a stroll to the market or a party where you will be meeting and greeting for most of the time. We’ve put together a list of long wallets online that will help you show the world your impeccable style. Take your pick.

A sleek and compact leather long wallet, the beauty of the product means you can use it as a clutch too.

This long wallet is carefully crafted to fit into a handbag or look great in your hand as a clutch. You can dress up any outfit if you carry this lovely flap-style wallet in your hand. It is also organized into compartments and card slots, so you can feel put together.

In a rare and unusual beige colour, this long wallet is a compact and trendy design for you to organise your life in neat compartments.

Women’s wallets can often be too compact with your belongings such as cash to cards cramped together. This lovely beige long wallet is a bit longer and more spacious with various compartments so you assign everything its place.

The zipper on this long wallet makes sure you don’t lose any of your valuables and adds to its design.

Photo slots, cardholder slots and the zipper closure help hold your life together better. The way the design of this long wallet incorporates the zipper is aesthetically pleasing too. This stunning wallet is a standout piece.

Gold leaf can mean the gold plating on an item but this lovely long wallet literally incorporates gold leaves into the design, making it look and feel regal.

This one is just really pretty and will be the envy of all your friends. Well-cut, compact and sleek, this women’s wallet has a golden leaf motif all across it which contrasts so well with the PU leather. It makes for a great gifting option, too!

For those women who like minimalism and design excellence, this long wallet is a lightweight and useful accessory.

You will be organized and super stylish with this long wallet in your hands. With a chic unisex design, this wallet adds confidence and classiness to your look. Its USP is that it is large enough to hold your smartphone too.

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