Be it the fear of facing the world with blemishes, or the need for a complete makeover – we all have had moments when we’ve needed a good, full-coverage foundation. So you go online, pick the most expensive-looking shiny full-coverage foundation, and bam! It turns out to be a dreaded, cakey version of the expected foundation that even the grinch would be ashamed of sporting. But is it so difficult to get a quality full coverage foundation that doesn’t to fall off our face unannounced?  Not anymore. Here are 5 full coverage foundations that have got you covered. Quite literally so. 

Whether it’s time for the monsoons or summer, the show must go on! And indeed it does, with this waterproof, lightweight and high coverage foundation.

Comfortable. Radiant. Lightweight. Waterproof. These words rarely go together when it comes to foundations. But not in this case. This shade of Swiss Beauty High Coverage Waterproof Foundation is extremely moisturising and is suitable for any occasion, or weather. Gone are the days when you had to worry about your make-up coming off with a little drizzle, or your layer of foundation melting due to the heat. Its concealer effect does wonders, as it gives a perfectly natural finish if that’s the no makeup, makeup look you want to go for.

This super-blendable foundation keeps your skin well protected and nourished at all times.

Perfect for the most common Indian skin tones and textures, this Vitamin E- enriched foundation promises to keep you radiant and safe even in the heat of the moment with its special SPF 17 sun protection formula. But why do we think this foundation is truly a match for you? L’Oréal Paris True Match Super Blendable Liquid Foundation goes beyond just matching your skin tone; it matches your skin’s natural undertone exceptionally well. And not only does it take care of the looks aspect, but the innovative blend also pampers your skin even further with Glycerine, Vitamin B and fine pearl particles that ensure a stunning finish.

The subtle, natural glow is now possible without taking up hours off your schedule or emptying the foundation bottle.

Put on a seamless layer of beauty that is carefully made to suit your need of the hour. Light and dewy, LA Girl PRO Coverage HD Foundation gives you a natural glow, without altering your undertone. Weightless and smooth, its matte liquid formula is paraben-free, and has a great consistency. It’s perfect for a quick and easy transformation on a busy day, or even that special date you need to get to next Friday. Apply it as is, or mix it up a little – it blends like a pro, making you look and feel great all day.

If you’re looking for a longer stay foundation that is kind to your skin and schedule, your search ends here.

What if we introduced you to a foundation that looks effortlessly elegant, doesn’t harm the skin, and doesn’t peel right off with a slight brush of your hand. Seems unreal? Revlon Colorstay Makeup Foundation can help you achieve all of that with its lightweight, moisture-balancing, transfer-resistant formula. It not only glides smoothly on the skin while applying it, but keeps it hydrated (dry-skinned ladies, rejoice!), ensures sun protection (SPF 6), and gives you the perfect semi-matte finish you desire.

Expertly formulated, you can wear this foundation for hours at end without worry. The dreamy base doesn’t fade or shift even on the busiest of days.

In today’s world, being busy has become the new normal. Which is why we need a foundation that lasts longer than our meetings or patience levels during the day. Now, who wouldn’t want all that beauty in a bottle, especially if it promises to keep you radiant through it all? Sun-kissed and full of love, this foundation can last up to 24 hours after application. Its oil-free, light-weight, high-impact coverage formula doesn’t compromise on quality either. The Maybelline New York Super Stay 24H Full Coverage Liquid Foundation is smooth, has a great consistency, doesn’t clog pores, and blends in perfectly.

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