Do you wish to have a salon-like manicure-pedicure at home with the finish and look of a professionally applied polish? The answer to all these questions ladies is the gel manicure. Modern technology has come through once again with the creation of gel-based at-home nail lacquers. A gel nail polish feels like a salon-done manicure without the efforts of actually going to the salon. It is a lacquer you can apply at home and it doesn’t require UV light to dry. It is cost-effective, time-effective, energy-conserving, and negates side effects of exposure to UV light. To guide you on this route, here is a list of the best gel nail paint to get your hands on today.

This suave shade is a must-have in every makeup kit. The pigment and gloss of this gel nail paint can be paired with any look.

Chambor’s Brown no. 351 is a mauve-ish taupe-ish color that is complementing in a subtle poised manner. The staying power is about a week but it does tend to lose its gel-like shine in 2-3 days. The thick brush helps in better nail coverage for a smooth salon-like finish. It is chip resistant and does not affect your nail health adversely, so grab this for a salon-like nail finish at home!

The rich pigment of this gel nail paint makes this a versatile shade that is quick dry giving you an instant manicure-finish.

DeBelle’s Majestique Mauve is a soft feminine mauve that is perfect for daily wear. It is a gel nail paint that gives a salon-like finish while its thick consistency leaves smooth one stroke paint on your nails. Enriched with seaweed extracts, this lacquer not only gives your nail a gorgeous shine but also aids in protecting and nourishing your nails for healthier growth.

Your go-to summertime happiness in a bottle of glossy gel-looking manicured perfection.

Lakmé’s Peach Sorbet is a beautiful slight nude-ish peach that is perfect for giving an edge of color to your manicure. The pigment of this gel nail polish is intense and gives a good opaque shade in one coat. It does stay on without chipping for the better part of the week, however, the glossy finish reduces within 3 days.

The ideal shade of gel nail polish to save your day whether at work or brunch.

The consistency of this gel nail polish is thick and its highly pigmented formula gives an even glossy coat in just one application. It dries quickly leaving a healthy shine similar to a salon manicure but within the comforts of your home. Long-lasting and chipping resistant, the formula boosts vitamin E infusion that protects and nourishes your nails. Moreover, it is a vegan, cruelty-free and chemical-free product.

This is your best gel nail polish bet when it comes to color, gloss and durability.

Not bright neon pink nor a pale pink but just a shade that’s the perfect balance of brightness and subtlety for every complexion. This gel nail paint is not very thick but has a smooth liquid consistency that glides easily and covers almost the full nail thanks to its wide applicator. It comes off easy with a regular remover but has the gloss of gel nail polish. The beauty of a perfect nail color that lasts over 5 days has to be our best pick.

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