A wristwatch is often an indicator of your sense of style. Choosing a watch that expresses your personality is more important than one that matches your outfits because it tells others how confident you are in your own skin. And a confident woman is irresistible! Watches for women have changed in design over the decades, from being delicate and practical to being bold and making a statement. We have put together a collection of premier timepieces to help you find your wrist a stylish companion.

The watch is a wonderful muted rose gold. Its textured band and the timeless round black dial will make sure you turn heads wherever you go.

Making a style statement got much easier with this classic ladies’ watch. It is tasteful and also utilitarian, being precise because of the quartz mineral. The watch is water-resistant.

Water-resistant, multi-time zone, round, rose gold and studded with stones, this watch is a beautiful pick and functional as well.

Sometimes life calls for a little more glam than you’d normally go for. This stylish watch is studded with sparkling crystal stones, so you can bring bold bling to anything. This would be the only accessory you would need if you were dining out at a fancy restaurant or going to a cocktails event.

A mother of pearl dial encrusted with crystals and featuring breathtaking glasswork, this is almost a showpiece for your wrist.

Watches for women can get away with morphing themselves into jewelry and looking absolutely stunning with your party attire. Bold and beautiful with drama dripping from every atom, this watch is like a precious bracelet that would go beautifully with both Indian and western wear.

This gold watch with studded hour and minute hands is the perfect pick for a woman who believes in making a classy but bold statement.

If your tastes are anything like mine, you won’t feel like taking this watch off. Isn’t it good then that this stylish watch can withstand short periods in the swimming pool too? Seriously speaking though, its plain stainless strap balances perfectly with the large dial face, making it one of the most sought after premium watches for women.

A global brand known for crafting luxurious pieces, this Michael Kors watch is a distinctive designer piece to invest in.

A glitz bezel with a rose gold body and crystals encrusted in the watch face, this is a true luxury. You also have three sub-dials within the watch face, making for that something extra. Once added to your accessory kit, this will definitely be your favorite.

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