Who would have ever imagined a rose body lotion?

We all know that rose is not a mere flower that you gift a person you love, it has way more benefits than you can actually think of. From cosmetics to perfume, this fragrant flower has won over the beauty world and made its way into almost every kind of product for the face, hair, and body. Did you know that rose petals aid in weight loss, treatment of piles, and even lighten your lip color? That’s what I am talking about.

Today, rose extracts can be found in pretty much all the products in beauty care. It is used at home to make homemade natural moisturizers, lip and cheek tints, and a soothing bath for nourished and moist skin. Well, if you are too lazy to do all that at home, here are some products you can easily buy from a store. These products have rose-infused into a body lotion. It can cleanse, heal, soothe, moisturize and have you smelling great in one go. So if you are looking for a body lotion that can take care of your skin and leave you smelling great, we’ve rounded up some unique options of rose body lotions for you. Here take a look.

Help your skin retain moisture and give it a rosy glow worth flaunting with this body lotion.

The Vaadi Herbals Moisturising Lotion provides a hydration boost and nourishes the skin effectively. Super ingredients such as pink rose and goat milk come together to give skin lasting moisturization. The rose essence seeps deep into the skin to nourish it and give it a natural glow.

Can be applied to your entire body. This body lotion formula is especially good if you have dry and flaky skin.

This fast-absorbing body lotion can be quite handy if you want a moisturized skin that can last up to 24 hours. Enriched with argan oil and rose, you get a pleasing fragrance and a unique formula that works intensely on your dry skin. Use it daily for visible results.

This is one of the best body moisturizers to use during winter. This lotion can be used for your body and hands.

Now, this is what we call flower power. This body lotion is a powerhouse of a product that contains the goodness of 10,000 active floral cells. The rose essence, shea butter and hyaluronic acid come together to tighten the skin, nourish it, lock in moisture and keep you smelling like a rose all day, every day.

With rose water, coconut oil & shea butter, this body lotion makes for an excellent choice.

The Nourish Mantra Mystic Body Lotion is one of the best available right now. It is not only nourishing for your skin but is ethically made. It has no harmful chemicals like paraben, SLS or phthalates and doesn’t involve testing on animals.

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