If you belong to an Indian household you for sure, know what amla is. Amla is a superfood that has been used in our country since ancient times. When your grandma asks you to apply amla on your head or eat some amla pickle, listen to her ‘cos she knows best!

Amla is loaded with vitamin C and other nutrients that provide a wide range of health benefits. It has anti-aging properties, treats acne, improves the collagen level in your skin, treats pigmentation, works on your wrinkles and age spots.

You can use amla powder to make homemade face scrub, face masks, and hair masks for your weekend pampering. It also works wonders on your hair by making it smooth and silky.

Amla powder is a simple and natural way of giving yourself some extra, unadulterated love. So here are some of our favorite amla powders just for you.

For volumizing and conditioning dull, damaged and greying hair naturally.

Khadi Omorose’s amla powder is 100% natural and organic, making it entirely safe for your hair and scalp. If you are struggling to grow your hair to a desirable length, this is the product you have to try. Using hair masks with amla powder will nourish and strengthen your hair so that you don’t have to compromise on the volume of your hair for the extra length.

Use amla powder for dark, luscious, healthy hair and glowing, youthful skin.

If you are struggling with a dry and flaky scalp and have tried every anti-dandruff shampoo under the sun only to find out that they make your scalp drier than ever, here’s a natural solution for you. This organic amla powder works on your scalp by hydrating it, instead of stripping it of its natural oils. Your scalp and hair will thank you for this antioxidant and vitamin C rich food. Use in your face masks for dewy and soft skin.

Amla powder for restoring hair and skin damaged by sunlight, pollution and free radicals.

A natural anti-aging solution for skin and hair, Forest Herbs’ amla powder is packed with kaempferol, flavonoids, gallic acid, vitamin C and tannins. It repairs the damage caused to hair follicles by free radicals and other pollutants. For best results, add it to hair masks along with methi and curry leaves to get long, thick and glossy hair.

A one-stop natural solution for healthy skin, hair, immunity and digestion.

This organic and culinary grade amla powder prevents greying when used with coconut oil, henna or hair masks. Add it to your diet for boosting immunity and subsiding migraines. When used in face masks, it purifies and repairs the skin to fade spots and blemishes.

A 100% natural and culinary grade amla powder for radiant skin and healthy hair.

Make space in your beauty wardrobe for this little gem. Tone and cleanse your skin with a boost of vitamin C for supple, blemish-free skin. When used on the hair as a simple paste on its own or mixed with henna, this amla powder will strengthen your hair follicles and moisturize your scalp to fend off dandruff and itchiness. Being a culinary grade, it’s gentle and safe.

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