Remember how when we were growing up, we had these bars of soaps. A single soap for the entire family. Nostalgic feeling right? Do you also remember the time when it all changed and then all of us started to use these little bottles of soaps called liquid body wash and shower gel? Although most of them still prefer the use of a shower gel, some of them still like regular bars of soap, like you. 

Well, I figured that out because you here reading this.

Today’s bar soaps are the all-stars of the beauty world because they offer hydration, anti-aging properties, and a lot more. They come with soothing ingredients and lovely fragrances that refresh both the body and the mind in a quick shower. So if you are looking to add one to your shopping cart, here are a few that your skin will absolutely love.

Lock in your skin’s moisture and feel refresh after every shower.

Reasons to love a bar soap? It doesn’t spill and packs easily. It also lasts long. The Pears Soft and Fresh Bathing Bar does all this while keeping your skin hydrated even in the summer months. Mint extracts in this soap cool the body while pure glycerin helps retain your skin’s natural moisture. It cleanses the skin gently and preserves its natural beauty. You will walk out of the shower feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.

For best results, use this bar soap twice a day. Your skin will thank you.

Looking for next-level cleansing when you return home after a day of battling grime, pollution and dust? This product was designed just for you. It contains neem oil that soothes the skin while dealing with problems brought on by facing the elements. Turmeric extracts, on the other hand, breathe life back into cells and soothe them. Just pop into the shower for some instant hydration, to boost skin health and increase immunity. You won’t regret it.

This pack contains 5 different gel bars each with unique ingredients and natural goodness that will refresh your mind and body.

Bath time is always the highlight of one’s day. A good bath can wash away your tiredness and instantly uplift your mood. This set of soap is a perfect addition to that. These soaps are filled with natural goodness, which gives you soft glowing skin and an indulgent experience.

Who knew water lilies and cool mint make for an amazingly refreshing experience. I didn’t until I tried this bar of soap.

Lux is the brand of the Millennials. The luxury packing with an even better smell and goodness makes this soap a must buy. With notes of apple, citrus, mint, vanilla, amber and musk, this soap fragrance was composed by some of the world’s best perfume experts.

Recommended by doctors for people with sensitive skin, coz sensitive skin always needs a little extra care.

The Biotique body soap is formulated with coconut oil, basil and parsley extracts with no harsh additives, dyes or hardening agents. It is hypoallergenic and clinically tested to leaving your skin clean and healthy-looking.

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