If you’ve missed the memo, skincare kit is the only option! Whether you are a makeup lover or not, skincare is something you should abide by come what may. Highlighting the fact that you must love yourself the most –– these products are so cute and fun to look at, you won’t even have to clean up and put them in pouches or drawers, they’re going to add that pop of color and care on your bedside table or that wooden rack!

Skincare kits come in various sizes and combinations. Some have shower gels, body lotions, body moisturizing creams and lotions and even body scrubs or face masks too. Scroll down and bookmark these links when you feel like treating yourself or giving your loved ones something meaningful and useful.

The 4-step nourishing skincare kit from Bryan and Candy New York Strawberry will uplift your everyday shower experience.

Infused with cocoa shea, mango Frutti, orange, mandarin and of course, our favorite strawberry, it’s like having a fruity dessert in your bath! This skincare kit features both pre and post-bath essentials you need. Feel fresh and fragrant every morning with these must-haves in your bathroom.

If you’re a coffee lover like me? mCaffeine Coffee Mood Skin Care Gift Kit would make the perfect gift option for you!

This skincare kit comes with 4 items that rejuvenate and add that glow to both your face and body – a foaming coffee face wash, gentle raw coffee-infused scrub for the face, a coffee face mask and a coffee body scrub. Another major giveaway is the cute wooden coffee brew scoop and the cotton perk-up towel that comes in the “all things coffee” box, you should add this to your cart now!

Always wanted a spa-like session at home? Bryan and Candy New York Spa Essence Kit will do the needful!

Taking care of your skin and hair is the most important thing for all of us and with the right products, it just gets better and easier. This gift kit features products infused in an aromatic blend of black currant and vanilla extract, the goodness of aloe vera giving it a rich and sumptuous feel. With a 100 ml refreshing shampoo, 50ml nourishing body wash and moisturizing body cream, it leaves your skin and hair soft, rejuvenated as well as hydrated all the long! It makes a perfect travel-friendly option in small sizes and comes in a classy leather pouch too. It’s all the on-the-go self-care essentials you need!

Gift your loved ones a handmade and herbal skincare kit by Khadi Naturals Gift Box (Set Of 6), 550 g now!

From rosewater, aloe vera soaps and shikakai hair cleanser to lavender and ylang ylang body wash and rose and honey moisturizer, this skincare gift box has everything herbal under the roof. They’re completely natural and beneficial for a healthy body and soul. It’s relaxing, soothing and infused with all the ayurvedic healing properties! To top it all, the quirky pattern on the box is stylish and bold!

If you love lavender and a lavish body spa, this BodyHerbals Lavender Surprise Bathing Set is the right pick for you.

All the products in this heart-shaped gift box scream comfort, warmth and serenity! This kit features a lavender shower gel, lavender soap, lavender potpourri, lavender-scented candle and another heart-shaped loofah. These products are rich in essential oils, natural exfoliators, cleansing herbs, aromatic fragrances and all in all it’s a calming experience. So, pamper yourself and your loved ones now!

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@anaghasangeetha Just your neighbourhood girl who loves to experiment with things to make sure that you are provided with the best products, sans any compromise on quality or value!

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