Today, face mask holds a very important place in one’s beauty routines. With formulations having natural adsorbents like clay and activated charcoal, using a face mask helps by physically absorbing excess oils produced by the skin. Ingredients like green tea, coffee, and peach extracts work by detoxifying the skin and provides antioxidants and nutrients.

While choosing a face mask, always consider your skin type and what your skin needs. To make this easier for you, we’ve picked out 5 best face masks that will be the perfect addition to your beauty routine. Here we go!

This sheet face mask infused with serum deeply hydrates and detoxifies the skin.

This face mask is infused with a serum that deeply moisturizes your skin without leaving it oily. It also has green tea extracts that have detoxifying properties. The tissue sheet provides a powerful dose of one week’s worth of serum in one application so that you can enjoy its benefits for up to a week after using it.

This activated charcoal face mask washes off all the impurities and pollution so that you have fresh skin without having to worry about being bogged down by dust, impurities, and grime.

Enriched with activated charcoal, licorice extracts, and alteromonas extract, a single-use of this specially designed anti-pollution face mask visibly removes buildup and leaves you fresh-faced.

Soothing and calming, this face mask gets rid of pores and blackheads like nothing else!

This all-vegan face mask has green tea which enriches and clarifies the skin. The kaolin and bentonite clay compounds draw out impurities and oils from the skin, clearing out your pores. Glycolic acid, a well known powerful anti-acne ingredient, also gently exfoliates and promotes the growth of fresh skin for a brighter you. This face mask will leave you feeling calm and fresh like never before!

This clay and charcoal-based face mask purify and detoxify the skin by drawing out impurities from deep within.

Get a natural toxin-free skin with this Clay Face Mask by The Moms Co. Bentonite and witch hazel extracts work to remove excess oils and reduce breakouts, while kaolin clay’s astringent action minimizes the pores. The activated charcoal along with 5 natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids restores your skin brightness and tackles the appearance of fine lines. This face mask is as good as a complete facial kit.

Liftoff your deep-seated impurities with this fruity peel-off face mask.

This peel-off face mask can remove deep-seated impurities along with damaged and dead layers of skin. Made with all-natural antioxidant-rich ingredients, it soothes and clarifies the skin. Over time, usage of this peel-off face mask can help drastically reduce any stubborn blemishes or acne scars.

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