“Hair serums are miracles in a bottle.”

A lot of things contribute to frizzy hair, but the main problem lies in the damage to hair cuticles which can make your hair look rough. This, when combined with humidity, causes the outer layers of hair to start holding more moisture, eventually leading to frizziness. Luckily there is a simple solution to tame those pesky flyaways quickly – hair serum. Serums tend to be made with nourishing oils that replenish lost natural oils. The best part is that they come in a formulation that isn’t greasy so that your frizz is controlled without you having to worry about looking like Professor Snape. Here are 5 of the best anti-frizz hair serums.

Frizz doesn’t have to stop your shine anymore and with this argan oil-enriched hair serum you can get silky shiny locks every day.

A little goes a long way as this easy to apply serum covers all strands of hair and lasts for at least 48 hours. Regain the shine of your hair and get rid of all things frizzy with this serum from one of the most sworn by haircare brands.

Don’t miss out on the damage repair done by this argan hair serum.

This repairing hair serum with argan, avocado, grapeseed and olive oils helps repair the hair shaft for bouncier and healthier hair. Make sure your hair is protected from the sun and environmental damage with this hair serum.

Your search for the ideal everyday serum is now over thanks to this walnut oil-enriched hair serum.

Lightweight and smooth, this walnut oil-enriched hair serum is not just great for controlling frizz, but it acts as a heat protectant too. Now, you can go about with your regular styling without having to worry about further damage and dullness.

Instantly revive your tresses with this argan oil and avocado enriched hair serum.

This tried and tested anti-frizz hair serum is great for those with very dry hair or hair that is damaged from chemical treatments and coloring. With its deeply nourishing formula of argan oil and avocado extracts, it makes it a great option for curly hair.

For hair that is not just glossy in looks, but also strong from roots to tips, look no further than this onion oil-enriched hair serum.

This all-natural hair serum is perfect for those with frizzy hair that is prone to breakage and excessive amounts of hair fall. With red onion extracts that help with hair fall, as well as biotin to strengthen the hair, it prevents hair fall from the roots.

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