We women have tried all kinds of hair removersWaxing, threading, tweezing, shaving, laser technology, depilatory creams and lotions, epilators, we have tried all kinds of hair removers.  It is no fun to dawn our peach fuzz and mustache at a mid-week drinking scene or a Sunday brunch. During the Covid situation, even though we can’t step out and flaunt our skin, some of us still like keeping it smooth and hair-free. Now we definitely can’t step out to a salon or a dermat, so why not take matters into your own hands.

Wait, just hear me out! These battery-operated, painless hair removers are one of the best inventions to have ever been made. They are portable, convenient, and do the job perfectly. They can be used as facial hair removers, eyebrow epilators, facial epilators and more. Check out our top picks and see for yourself.

Instant and painless hair remover for upper lips, chin and cheeks.

Ditch your razor and cream for this painless hair remover which leaves your skin as smooth as after waxing. Sensualmax is an elegant and compact gadget that works best for facial hair removal. Its blades are gold plated and it ensures that your hair growth is slower after use. This pocket-friendly device is extremely convenient to use and leaves you hair-free.

Cult favorite portable painless hair removers for a flawless finish.

Made with high-grade titanium coated blades and equipped with a battery that lasts up to 30 minutes without a cord, this hair remover is a blessing. Keep your lips, chin and cheeks forever groomed no matter where you are. Just move it tightly over your hair in small circular motions in the opposite direction of your hair. Voila! You will be amazed at the results.

A painless facial hair remover for medium to thick hair. It comes in a luxury casing to feel like premium service at the tip of your finger.

Another flawless gem that works in minutes to get rid of pesky, thick facial hair that may have shown up at unwanted areas of your face owing to hormonal imbalances. Threading thick hair is especially painful and can leave marks. This gadget is your knight in shining armor and you’d never want to part with it.

This premium facial hair remover comes in every woman’s favorite color- pink.

This hair remover makes use of stainless steel blades and a 360-degree rotary precision cutting system ensuring a clean and smooth shave. It has a detachable waterproof cutter head which allows them to be used in both wet mode and dry mode. The attached mirror in the cap increases the convenience of using it any time & anywhere.

Can be used as facial and eyebrow epilator. It is light in weight for easy portability.

This hair remover comes with a precision head to be used on the eyebrows for extreme precision. It has an 18K gold-plated head that is hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types. Its portable lipstick size makes it convenient to be put in your bag, during a party, traveling or a business trip.

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